Spice up your life

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When you’re feeling sad and low (melting ice caps, drowning polar bears, dying coral reef, drought, famine, social injustice, food deserts, disappearing bees, depleted natural resources)
We will take you where you gotta go (America’s Finest City)
Smiling dancing everything is free (we smile, we dance, we work for free)
All you need is positivity. 

The Spice Girls nailed Closing Ceremonies last night and well, they’re applicable in more ways than that. We at 1:1 are totally picking up what they’re throwing down- positivity. Going out on a whim and slight tangent, I can say 100% of 1:1 staff knows all the words to 85-110% of all Spice Girl songs which amped us up to become the fine, well-rounded people we are today. I digress…

It’s something about the glass half full mentality that puts the hop in our skip when it comes to moving and shaking for sustainability. Sunday was our first annual San Diego Educational Symposium on Sustainability. Teachers, educators, and administrative staff from San Diego County and the surrounding area gathered with us at San Diego State University’s campus for an afternoon focused on the issues surrounding sustainability and how we can start (and continue) the conservation conversation in classrooms. 

Jonathan led us through the 1:1 presentation we give in classrooms. Snaps for Jonathan.

Yael of the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute taught us all about WORMS. Vermicompost is rad. Check it

We finished the afternoon with a Q&A panel with a wide spectrum of panelists… we’re talking from high school student to Congressman Bob Filner. Paolo, program manager of Cuyamaca College and Josh, director of San Diego Sustainable Living Institute added their two cents to the table. Overall, good and diverse conversation between educators and panelists. Good questions, good answers. What more could you want from a Q&A session?  

Did we mention the event was zero-waste? Oh yeah. Our attendees knew to bring their own glasses and mugs to stay hydrated and caffeinated while absorbing all sorts of fun facts. Couldn’t have been possible without the delicious coffee (oh hey Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Organic) from the new Coffee & Tea Collective. Thanks, y’all for providing the grounds and letting Jonathan and Amanda post up in your shop for a few hours to prep for the symposium! Our first zero-waste symposium, we look forward to more in the future! Do you have a conference, meeting, or event coming up? Learn how you can make it zero (or close to zero) waste free here

We’re looking forward to a FULL fall of presentations. Though yesterday had us sweating (good timing, heat wave), we had a blast sharing ideas with a fantastic crew of educators. 

In the famous lyrics of the Spice Girls… all you need is positivity. Keep up with The 1:1 Movement.