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Sunday morning, our 1:1 team met up with the San Diego Audubon Society to clear invasive plant species from the tip of Mariner’s Point in Mission Bay. Filaree weeds, among several other pain-in-the-you-know-what plants, were the plant of focus in efforts to promote least tern nesting and encourage native coastal dune plants to thrive. 

California least terns are endangered birds that nest each year in San Diego and are delicate to predators and certain plants alike. The SD Audubon Society hosts many volunteer opportunities to prepare refuge for birds, including the least terns. Equipped with buckets, bags, gloves, proper clothes, and smiles, about 30 volunteers, from kids to retirees, yanked filaree from the sandy dune of Mariner’s Point for four hours. Though there is always more work to be done, Sunday was a fruitful effort to eradicate filaree from this nesting ground. 

To learn more about least terns and how you can get involved, join us for future opportunities! You can find them on San Diego Audubon’s site as well as our’s