Sustainability in the Gift-Giving Season! (Yes, it is possible)

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It’s about to get real.  Watch out now.  We’re in the thick of it.  Holiday season, that is.  Halfway through December we’ve now been watching commercials with expensive cars wrapped in red velvet bows for probably over a month.  Or is it jewelry?  

Whatever your gift needs may be, we’d like to remind you that everything comes from somewhere, has an impact on our society (positive or negative), and will subsequently end up somewhere else (“away” is not a place).  

So, how about some tips on a “Conservation Christmas”, “Healthy Hannuka”, or “Sustainable Celebration” (that one made sense alliteratively).  

When considering what friends or family might enjoy for the holidays, also think about where it came from, how it was made, and where it’ll end up…and how soon.  

Consider gifts that were made responsibly, take our communities into account, and benefit society.  Think about making or growing something, or purchasing something produced locally.  


  • Make a contribution to a cause that the gift receiver values- be it a donation towards building a well in Africa or a Kiva investment, we all care about certain things, and would love to help contribute towards them
  • Most farmer’s markets are now doing some sort of gift card or market bucks, what better a time than 2013 for your cherished friend or family member to start considering their health when it comes to their diet
  • Consider a purchase that would help your person make more sustainable choices- a reusable water bottle or bag, maybe a bicycle, or perhaps some gardening classes, the options are limitless 

The 1:1 Movement believes that one of the greatest actions we can take is voting with our dollar.  Make purchases that go inline with your beliefs, that benefit one another, and that you can be proud of.  The market for socially manufactured products is huge and growing, but will only be sustainable if we vote for it.  

Happy Holidays from the 1:1 Team!