For our final day, we gathered to assess the amount of recyclables and trash we had collectively produced, and to brainstorm ideas for avoiding future waste. Many of the solutions we came up with involved bringing your own container, utensil, bag, etc, as well as making things by hand at home. We also filled a […]

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It Is Finally Festival Season! Here’s How To Make It Sustainable …

Festival season is upon us, friends! Clothing stores have been stocked with fringe macrame tops and flower crowns for months in anticipation, Coachella is gearing up for weekend two in the desert, wristbands have been activated, and everyone is packing up and heading out to get a little dirty and maybe a little sunburnt in […]

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Brews go Green too! Our hometown is ranked as one of the top places in the world(!!) let alone the US, as one of the best places to grab ‘ol crafted cold one with your friends. No one can deny it is a lot of fun to cruise around and take advantage of some of the best beers […]

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5 single use items to remove from your life, starting now!

1. Dryer Sheets Believe it or not, those lovely fresh rain-lavender-tropical twist-linen scented dryer sheets are filled with various chemicals that can be irritating and harmful to your body! Some of these include: Benzyl alcohol, an upper respiratory tract irritant, Ethyl acetate, which is listed on EPA’s hazardous waste list (!) and Pentane, a VOC […]

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Green is the New Red this Valentine’s Day!

As soon as the New Year’s propaganda commences on January 2nd, it’s almost certain that the local grocery stores and drugs stores will start filling up their aisles with plushy oversized stuffed animals, 25 different versions of the same chocolate filled cardboard heart, and endless choices of pink, red, and white “I love you” cards. […]

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If nothing changes, nothing changes. Think about it. Change the world. Starts with you. Starts with 1. What’s your 1? 

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