It Is Finally Festival Season! Here’s How To Make It Sustainable …

Festival season is upon us, friends! Clothing stores have been stocked with fringe macrame tops and flower crowns for months in anticipation, Coachella is gearing up for weekend two in the desert, wristbands have been activated, and everyone is packing up and heading out to get a little dirty and maybe a little sunburnt in […]

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5 single use items to remove from your life, starting now!

1. Dryer Sheets Believe it or not, those lovely fresh rain-lavender-tropical twist-linen scented dryer sheets are filled with various chemicals that can be irritating and harmful to your body! Some of these include: Benzyl alcohol, an upper respiratory tract irritant, Ethyl acetate, which is listed on EPA’s hazardous waste list (!) and Pentane, a VOC […]

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Meet new 1to1 intern Katie

Hello! My name is Katie and I am one of the new interns here at 1to1 Movement this spring.  I applied to 1to1 because I wanted to participate with, and be of service to, a non-profit that is educating the public in a hip and welcoming way about our earth! I was delighted to learn […]

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Green is the New Red this Valentine’s Day!

As soon as the New Year’s propaganda commences on January 2nd, it’s almost certain that the local grocery stores and drugs stores will start filling up their aisles with plushy oversized stuffed animals, 25 different versions of the same chocolate filled cardboard heart, and endless choices of pink, red, and white “I love you” cards. […]

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7 Reasons to Choose the Tiny Life

Woohoo intern field trip to Permyoble Oasis! Brian Blum was awesome enough to welcome us into his tiny home in the making and the tiny lifestyle that comes with it. The Tiny House Movement is a social movement where people are simply downsizing their homes. A typical American home is 2,400 square feet and today’s […]

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11 TV & film characters who save the planet

Have you ever just felt like Bonnie Tyler singing “I Need a Hero”?  Or Jack Johnson searching for “Good People”?  Here at the 1to1 Movement, we totally have.  We all need heroes: superbly noteworthy beings whose example we can follow.  But how do we find them, follow them, and learn from them? Well, turns out […]

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