Here’s the deal: we know that trash is a problem. As 1to1 interns, we’re all environmental superheroes-in-training, learning how to become more aware of our own actions and developing the skills to help others do the same. Still, none of us is perfect — there are so many ways to live more sustainably and consume […]

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4 Cities That are Becoming More Sustainable (in the least expected ways)

In the quest to decrease global warming and carbon emissions, more and more people are making an effort to be sustainable. Many individuals have heard to “turn off the light when not needed”, “use less water”, and “use more alternative transportation”. There are a couple of cities that are taking it a little farther in […]

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Meet Nicole. When she isn’t exploring all of the wilderness that California has to offer, she hangs with our team. My name is Nicole.  I recently started at The 1to1 Movement working on the “What’s Your 1?” App! I was lucky enough to grow up just a few miles from the ocean in San Diego, and later earned […]

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Woohoo! We are excited for Annie to be joining us as an environmental education intern as she finishes up her degree at UCSD! Get to know her! Hi everybody, my name is Annie and I am thrilled to be interning at The 1to1 Movement during this coming school year! I am going into my fourth […]

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5 things you didn’t know about straws

1. 500,000,000 single-use plastic drinking straws are used and disposed of every day… in the US alone. To give you a better idea, those 500 MILLION disposable drinking straws equal the distance from San Diego to Beijing. And if this amount is added up in one year, all of those straws would be able to […]

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Chickens as pets

Chickens as pets Learn Tips For Raising Chickens In Your Own Backyard End the debate of being a dog person or a cat person- let’s be fans of backyard chickens! Check out Josh of San Diego Sustainable Living Institute talking about his four hens. 

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