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This is Simone. She’s from Germany. Part of her vacation time for 2013 is spent interning with 1:1! We’re honored. Get to know her while she’s here! 

Hey, my name is Simone. I work for a healthcare company in Mannheim and beside my main job, I coach and manage a dance team. In my spare time, I also work for an Internet channel as a presenter and edit films. If you couldn’t tell, I love action and a full schedule!

 I´m interning for the 1:1 movement this summer during my vacation. “You´re working during your vacation? Are you crazy?” Hmm… no! Because I would like to learn more about sustainability, improve my English skills and combine it with the good weather in San Diego. And of course: I meet innovative and positive thinking people. All of this together means a perfect vacation for me!

Sustainability, to me, means that we respect our earth and try to live with the nature, not against it. That we focus on reducing waste and pollution. When I was a child I always had one nightmare: the world is one huge garbage dump and there is no place left to live. Over exaggeration?  Maybe, but when I think about my waste and multiply it with all other German citizens – it´s just crazy how much it is! Daily!

I wish I could stay longer in San Diego. But for now I´ll just enjoy the next weeks and thanks to the new social media it´s easy to stay in contact afterwards!