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This is Tatyana. Love of San Diego, sustainability, and SO much more! Did we mention she’s from Ukraine? Yep. 

Just like many people on this planet I want to be happy. But what does it actually mean?

For me, it means being vibrant and healthy, seeing loved ones enjoy their lives, and living my truth fully and openly. It also means being inspired and connected to life. To explore, celebrate and appreciate the wonders of life on this planet inevitably has led me to sustainability. Sustainability means creating mutually beneficial and perpetually lasting relationships.

In case of environmental sustainability, it means promoting biodiversity by using natural resources at the rate they can be replenished and treating waste in the way that does not degrade the natural ecosystems. On a deeper level, sustainability means recognizing how providing our planet is and deeply appreciating understanding and caring for it. It also means integrity, knowledge, and connection. When I say I love nature and can do something that helps it stay healthy and vibrant- I feel integrity. To be able to do something to keep the nature healthy and vibrant, I need to know how it operates and what needs to be done. When I study how it operates, I see all interconnections and understand how I am a part of this bigger cycle and how I do matter. Sustainability is one of the things that makes me happy. It is not easy, but when it is achieved- it just feels right on all levels.