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Today! All day! FREE SLURPEE DAY!

While the ingredients are exactly as clear as the frozen Slurpee, we at 1:1 do know some things for sure. Free Slurpee Day cools hundreds of thousands of pallets, provides a sweet sugar rush, and… leaves behind unnecessary waste. Our team has some tips for you for ways you can stay cool and eco-conscious:

  1. Bring your own! Chances are you have a glass, cup, mug at home. Perhaps even one that you use while you’re on the go. Consider bringing it with you to fill up on Slurppe.
  2. Avoid straws when possible! Spoons, sipping, or alternatives like Strawesome are great ways to prevent additional single-use, non-recyclable plastic into our landfill, waterways, beaches, and communities. 
  3. Ditch your top! Remember the lid you place over your Slurpee is also single-use plastic. Ask yourself if it’s necessary before grabbing one (this is of course if you have forgotten your cup). 

Throwback Thursday to 1:1’s Free Slurpee Day 2012 outing!