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Today’s post comes from Laurie again! Reflection on Day 2 of The AWAY Project!!

Name & Grade
Laurie. Masters student in International Project Management!

How full is the bag?
10% full!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about The AWAY Project?
10! Still super excited!

Share an impression of the day.
I carried the bag with me the whole day! Even during my break for lunch while I knew I wasn’t going to get any trash. It is quite easy to bring it with you everywhere you go. Yet… I must say it’s kind of bulky (especially in a crowded trolley) even though it is so light!

What’s in my bag?
To my biggest surprise, I actually DO have trash (no way!)! On Tuesday, I threw in my bag: the packing of a mail I received, a small packaging of a chocolate, and a piece of paper-towel I used to eat my mandarins.

We’ll see what Wednesday will bring to my AWAY bag!