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Today’s post is by Laurie!

On Monday, I had the chance to attend Amanda’s presentation of the AWAY Project at King Chavez High School downtown San Diego. The presentation (really interesting) handled the main environmental issues that stem from our trash. Yes, trash is “our” big problem, people! If you want to keep San Diego as America’s Finest City, we should all feel very concerned about it.

For those who have forgotten what the AWAY Project is actually about or if this is your first time hearing about this experiment, here’s a quick reminder. The AWAY Project is an educational program created by The 1to1 Movement to raise awareness about personal consumption and waste production. It is a week-long experiment in which students (grades 6 -12) collect what they would normally throw “away” in a trash can or recycling bin in a 1to1 duffel bag. You can think about it as an experiment in which students “learn by doing” – way more interactive than reading a book about the history of landfills!

So… guess what?! I’m experiencing the AWAY Project, too! Alright, I’m not a 6-12 grade student, but everybody can do it! I don’t know if it’s because of my curiosity… or because I felt like analyzing my trash routine… or because I just wanted to get one of the 1to1 bags so bad (each bag is so unique!), but I’m in it and am really excited about the project.

Here’s the plan: each day I will post a new picture of the bag and will share my thoughts about it with you!


Name & Grade

Laurie. Masters student in International Project Management!

How full is the bag?

Empty – 0% full!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about The AWAY Project?

10! I feel super excited, guys!

Share an impression of the day.

I think that I usually don’t have a lot of trash, mostly because I eat lots of vegetables and fruits that don’t require any packaging and because I rarely go shopping. So, I am sure my bag will be pretty empty at the end of the week. All bets are on!