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Tumblr readers, meet Kelsey. Kelsey, welcome to the 1:1 team! Kelsey is a San Diego native, Bay enthusiast, and sailing extraordinaire. We’re ecstatic she has found her way to 1:1 and we’re looking forward to getting to know each other all a little better. No better way than to start with some icebreaker questions!

1:1 asks- What is your favorite meal of all time and why?

Kelsey answers-
Mm, a grilled cheese sandwich, cup of homemade tomato soup, and a green garden salad with a tasty IPA on the side. Simple, but grilled cheese is my favorite food ever, one of those great anytime comfort go-tos. A close runner up though would be oysters on the half shell with a cool glass of vino blanco to go with. Grilled cheese and oysters are very high on my list of favorite things.

1:1 asks- Who started the conversation on conservation with you?

Kelsey answers-

The most inspiring and best woman I know, my mom. One of her favorite people is John Muir, and family vacations every year involved at least one camping trip in Yosemite, talking about Mr. Muir’s work with conservation and the legacy he left within this field. She had my twin brother and I eating organics and tofu long before stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s had become major chains, as well as recycling everything at home. She’s been a park ranger, environmental consultant, and now works in the Geography department at San Diego State University. Homegrown in San Diego also, conservation has always been one of her biggest passions :). 

1:1 asks- What was the last book you read?

Kelsey answers-

Currently reading (almost done!) with Mutant Message from Down Under which I had to include because it’s been such a great read and I love Australia. Before that was Illusions by Richard Bach. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is one of my all time favorites and Illusions was a surprise gift received recently while traveling.  

Whew! And now we know each other just a little better! As you can tell, Kelsey is one rad lady- equipped with a sea leg, two hands ready for odd jobs from sorting plastics to hardcore research, and a heart full of compassion for the environment and her hometown, America’s Finest City, none other than sunny San Diego. 

Stay tuned to hear more about the exciting things our 1:1 besties are up to!