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Tumblr readers, meet Ryan! He has arrived in sunny San Diego from Minnesota. He’s noticed a few differences. We asked a few questions to get to know him a little bit better. Read more to get to know him!


Hey, the name is Ryan or Ry-guy whatever tickles your fancy. I’m from Apple Valley, Minnesota and have moved out here to the west coast for my internship at The 1:1 Movement.  I’m currently a (super) senior at Winona State University, or a victory lap as we like to call it. I’m pursuing a double major in Sociology and Psychology with this internship completing my Sociology internship and my last semester to be spent completing my psychology side. I chose Sociology because I love looking at social issues as well as the way we can work to resolve those problems as they arise; as well as looking at different cultures around the world and how they incorporate the same systems and ideas we use just in different ways. I chose psychology because the human brain is the most complex structure one can study and is your most important organ (at least according to itself). It’s fascinating learning all the things that can go right or wrong on such a small scale that can cause such drastic changes to the organism. Also because to understand others I believe one must first understand themselves, psychology gives you the tools to really help understand yourself on a base level that’s hard to do otherwise.

In my free time I love biking, rollerblading, rock climbing, gymnastics and swimming. My favorite colors are electric blue and neon pink and I love meeting new people. Since I’ve been in school or working up to this point the last book I’ve read (sadly) would be Psychology 403: An Introduction to Testing and Measurement so instead I’ll address if I could have dinner with anyone who would it be and what would I serve. There are plenty of people I’d love to have over however without a translator I would be unable to understand them, i.e. Einstein would be awesome, but he speaks German which I do not. I would have to say my person of choice would be Carl Sagan. I would chose him because I believe him to be a very intelligent man who would be able to converse information across a wide array of topics. Since he’s written books I would feel that he would be able to talk with me on at a level I would understand even with my lack of knowledge of astrophysics for example. Since I’m not the best chef and would want to talk with Sagan rather than spending all my time in the kitchen I would most likely just order pizza or something similar, however beforehand I would bake my special double chocolate chip cookies for dessert since baking is a personal hobby of mine.

Sustainability for me is doing what you can to reduce the size of your carbon footprint through common practice. For example, there’s no need for everyone to run out and put up a wind turbine in their backyard and drive a Prius. However little things like making sure you recycle, having a compost pile, or bringing your own bags to the supermarket; things that might seem inconsequential will really add up overtime. A quote I try to apply to my life is “Live simply so others can simply live.” What this means to me is that I will try to live in a way that reduces my impact on earth and it’s environment so that the next generations will be able to live the same way I did. That for me is living sustainability.