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Tumblr readers met Amanda M aka TreeGirl this past May. Wild how time flies when you’re having fun! Take a read on her experiences in San Diego and part of the 1to1 intern dream team.

It’s a weird day, the day when it is finally time to say goodbye to the most inspiring summer I have ever had.  Ugh, and sad music keeps shuffling into my headphones, reminding me I have to leave.

Today is my last day at Co-Merge working as an intern for The 1to1 Movement.  It has been an incredible journey, so much so, that my eyes easily fill with tears when I think back to it.  The first day, Jonathan and Amanda had us trek to Balboa Park to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves.  I had no idea I was sitting next to so many women (and one man!) that would become such an integral part of my life, mind and summer.  My fellow interns (including the amazing ones that have joined ranks since that first day) have become my confidants and best friends, the team I am forever comfortable with.  Whether it’s venting over plastic bag use or crushing over boys, debating feminist ethics or doing weird impressions- we always found the time go to the roof and hang out together.  It became a part of my daily schedule to stay with them after work until bedtime, sharing secrets and stories or grabbing dinner and new books.

San Diego became my stage to try a million new things.  I WENT PARAGLIDING!! I went to ecstatic dancing and drumming classes.  I hiked cliffs for the sunrise and swam in the ocean past sunset.  I fell out of love with eating meat and in love with adopting pets.  I used sand as a new accessory and exfoliator, as it was always in my hostel bed sheets.  I finally surfed (!), went to my first nude beach, rode on my first party bus.  I got to see Michael Franti and Matt and Kim.  I went “clubbin’” (as the kids say), and to more farmers markets then I can count.  I got to work for the two most laid back and honestly awesome people I have yet met, professionally.  

Mostly though, I fell in love with the environmental movement, and 1to1’s suggestion of taking it one day at a time, changing in easy ways.  I proudly exclaim, “Ban The Straw!” and take my own utensils everywhere I go.  I have been refusing single- use plastic and make it an everyday practice to be continually mindful of how my steps are affecting the huge rock beneath them.  The 1to1 Movement has completely changed me from being all talk, to full walk.  I feel so much more myself, so much more inspired- and I can’t wait to see how they continue to affect me and the world from afar.

I will miss it all.  But instead of being sad, I praise the world that gave me this chance.  Thank you so much San Diego for being you, thank you Amanda and Jonathan for being incredibly inspiring, thank you to my sister interns for becoming my best friends, thank you to the environmental world that gives me hope everyday for positive change.