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Tumblr readers, we introduce you to Abbey. Get to know her! Senior at SDSU, she’s searching for sustainability. How’s that for #alliteration?

Hello everyone out there! My name’s Abbey and well, I’m from a little bit of everywhere. While I started out in California, I moved to the east coast and ran all up and down the coast for a good 20 years before I made my way back to the west. I last lived in Long Island, NY and, while that was a blast, I moved out here looking for something more in life.

I knew I always wanted to come back to California but it wasn’t until a spontaneous cross country trip that I fell in love with San Diego. It wasn’t only the perfect weather, which was obviously enticing to me, but it was the people.

The genuine concern others had for each other was a complete 180 degree difference to the ‘urban solitude’ practiced so religiously in New York. Maybe it’s the sun that makes the people here so appealing but it was the obsession with plants and nature that really hooked me. Since I lived on a farm for a good seven years of my life, the concrete jungle of New York left me feeling malnourished and trapped. It took three whole days for me to pick San Diego, and that was the end of that. I went back to New York after that fateful trip, worked my butt off for two years to save up and move my little ol’ self out here.

I’ve been in San Diego in little over a year and a half so far and it has not failed to capture me.

It was here I was introduced into the idea of sustainability and it’s here that I’m learning to do my part in creating a better future. I am a senior at San Diego State University and my major is Sustainability.  There are so many aspects to learn about sustainability but to me it boils down to a simple quote.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Sustainability is a lifestyle, a standard and an evolution- an evolution of society and an evolution of the soul. In my personal pursuit of a morally sound lifestyle and a less impactful way of living, I spread the support for sustainability and set an example for those who care but don’t yet know enough.

There are so many facets of sustainability, environmental justice, social justice and economic stability but to me, it’s a day-to-day commitment. I make choices that not only benefit myself but the people, places and things that lack choice in their own circumstance.