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Tumblr reads, meet Eric. Eric, meet Tumblr readers. He gives high fives. 

Hey everybody, Eric here! I hope you all are having a great day.

A little about myself- I am originally from the wonderful city of Thousand Oaks. For those of you who are wondering, Thousand Oaks is located near Malibu, and yes, I see movie stars walking down street. I chose to make the trek down to San Diego three years ago to study at UCSD. Though it was originally to study medicine, I now study economics with the hopes of pursuing an environmental law degree. I’d like to attend law school somewhere on the east coast so I can get away from the beautiful weather of San Diego.

When I’m not studying and hanging with movie stars, it’s likely I’m checking up on sports. The one thing about me you need to know is that I am a diehard Dodger fan. I bleed blue. I’m also a huge Kings fan, a Denver Bronco fan, and I love the Clippers. And yes, I’ve been a CP3 fan for a long time. When I am not watching sports, I am hanging out with my friends and family.

This summer, I wanted to be involved with an organization that I believed is “doing good,” which I feel The 1:1 movement is doing. I’m looking forward to learn more ways to educate people on the importance of being sustainable and helping the environment. For me, the definition of “sustainability” can vary from person, but I believe sustainability is doing whatever you can in your daily activities to limit the amount of waste you contribute. Anything you change in your lifestyle, even something small, can make a big difference.