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Tumblrs, meet Amanda from Ohio! We’re stoked to have her this summer! 

Hey hey all, welcome to the brain and blog posts of a soon-to-be 21 year old Ohioan living it up in San Diego for the summer while interning with the 1 to 1 movement.  My name is Amanda and I am so stoked to be here.  I spent last summer as a camp counselor at Camp Vega in Maine and got a glimpse of how important the outdoors is for rejuvenation, connection and relaxation for people of all ages.  A year before that, I started rock climbing and felt the beauty between my fingertips and the easiness in my lungs when I am surrounded by the loving forest of The Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky.  My family has always raised me to be conservative and aware of my environmental impact. As I grew up and fell more in love with the outdoors myself, I realized why it is so important. My life goal then became to to help other people realize too.  (Cue “Do You Realize??” by the Flaming Lips).  

I am studying environmental studies and philosophy in the fall at The Ohio State University, transferring for my junior year.  The 1 to 1 Movement is such an appealing organization to me because they focus on the lifestyle steps that we can alter every day to create a smaller impact on the environment and a greater inspirational impact on the world.

I got into sustainability and the environmental movement when I realized it was easier to adapt to than it seemed.  Sustainability, to me, is about making SIMPLE life changes to create a healthier, happier world.  It’s about keeping a set of bamboo utensils in your backpack for fast meals when you’re out exploring and about finding a truly unique style in the aisles of thrift stores.  It’s about using old climbing rope (a collection I am working on) for a rockin’ dog leash or making the boyfriend a picture frame for your sweet faces from his old steel drum.  Sustainability is about being a part of the natural cycles of the world instead of an enemy to them.  It’s about encouraging independence from the industries that don’t seem to care and investing in the ones whose mission statements and actions boast of simple, natural, recycled, local or vegan products and services.

San Diego is the perfect setting for my summer: to hike and try surfing, to find good local music and breweries, to make friends and read too much.  But most importantly it’s shaping up to be the perfect backdrop for discovering new ideas and spreading environmental growth through this awesome organization The 1 to 1 Movement.  Catch ya in the comments!  🙂