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Uh oh! Laurie’s bag is looking more full! Check out today’s post on how she’s doing with the AWAY Project!

Name & Grade
Laurie. Masters student in International Project Management!

How full is the bag?
20% full!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about The AWAY Project?
9. It’s become usual for me to carry this bag. I don’t think about the experiment as much as I did on the first day.

Share an impression of the day.
Oh guys… I added more trash to my AWAY bag! I can’t believe it. I actually get a lot of trash in a day!

What’s in your bag?
I got rid of a bigger packing of chocolate, a cardboard packaging for soap and a receipt!

But hey here’s the tip of the day: if you want your AWAY bag to smell nice, put a soap packaging in it! It will smell divine and not like garbage!

Do you see any trends of common items?
Yes actually I do… I eat a lot of chocolate! But I’m not sure to know what I should do about that right now…

To be continued…