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Viola! Here’s Kelsey! 

My name is Kelsey and I grew up in New Jersey. Now, I am about to start my fourth and final year at the University of Connecticut, in Storrs, CT. I enjoy reading, snowboarding, watching football, listening to music, and eating. Last book I read was A Storm of Swords. This is the third book in a series called A Song of Ice and Fire; better know as Game of Thrones. Of course I also enjoy my time watching the television series that has come of this book. Before I start the next book in the series I decided to take a break from fiction and read a biography on the band Phish. Although they are second in my mind to the Grateful Dead, I spend most of my summers and hard earned money going to see them play live. During the fall I spend as many Sundays as I can at MetLife Stadium watching the Jets play football or on my couch watching them on TV. Other than that I just like to spend time with my friends and family.

When I first started at UConn I started out as a business major. I did not have much direction of what I wanted to do but since I accidentally marked off that box when applying that is where I ended up. Eventually I came to my senses and left the business school to become a horticulture major. For those of you who do not know what Horticulture is, it is the study of all aspects of plants. I take classes that help me identify plants, how to grow them, how to control pests, etc. For my senior year I have more room in my schedule and I have elected to take American Sign Language as well as floral design because I am intrigued by both of these subjects. I have always been fascinated by plants but never took the opportunity to learn about them until after my freshman year of college. I went to Costa Rica for five weeks and worked on conservation of a rain forest on the Osa Peninsula. A month after I got back from Costa Rica a spent a semester in Italy studying sustainable agriculture. This was when I knew that I wanted to be in the plant science field. More specifically this was the seed for the idea of working on a vineyard. I decided I would like to grow grapes and make wine in a sustainable and organic way. I decided I could not wait any longer. While still in Italy I declared my major back at UConn and started taking steps in living a more sustainable life. Sustainability is about living a healthier and safer lifestyle for the benefit of environmental, economical, and health concerns. However, the biggest part of sustainability for me is leading a life that will have little negative impact on those three aspects of life so that is does not affect the lives of future generations. This is what brought me here. I know I have so much more to learn about living the way I think we all should and also want the opportunity to teach people how great this way of life can be.