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We introduce Andrew. Hailing from the east coast, he’s hanging with 1:1 for the summer.



Well, I will start with the some basic information about myself.

Hello, my name is Andrew Cacciaguida, I know the last name is a doozy so you may just call me Andrew or Catch. I am an extremely outgoing and very laid back person with a pretty dry sense of humor. I love meeting new people from all walks of life. I am a firm believer that the core of a person’s soul comes from new experience. Please don’t be shy to converse with me!

I am from Hampton Township, a small town in Northwestern NJ. Growing up in a small town played a huge part in my interest in the outdoors. Where I am from there are no malls, movie theaters, or any sort of entertainment whatsoever. Instead of driving 45 minutes to engage in these activities, my friends and I chose to explore the great outdoors. We did this in any way that we could- from hiking to canoeing/rafting, from cliff jumping to fishing… even bird watching. This love for the outdoors came to fruition in college where I now study geoenvironmental science with a minor in GIS.

Some of my favorite activities include playing soccer (or any competitive type of activity), doing anything that relates to the great outdoors, and listening to music.

It is a rare sight to see me without a big smile on my face while blasting some new tunes through my headphones and bobbing my head as I stroll along through life. I am very well versed in all types of music with the exception of country and screamo. For the past three years, I have been heavily into the electronic music scene.

We hear you’re a soccer fan, what do you love so much about the “beautiful game”?

As I stated before I am a HUGE soccer fan. I have played the beautiful game since I could stand and have been watching it for just as long. What I love so much about the game is the thinking aspect. This comes from time on the field and I will explain what this means. I played central midfielder for almost my entire soccer career. This means that I controlled almost every single ball that came up the field. The reason why soccer has always been so interesting for me is simply that there are no “pre-made plays.” In almost every other sport in existence, there are plays that are drawn up and practiced over and over again so that they can be utilized in specific situations during the game. In soccer, there is none of this nonsense. When I received the ball I have to look around me and figure out how to beat the defense in real time. This aspect of soccer makes it truly the “thinking man’s sport” and it is why I came to love the game so much.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Getting back to a more work related topic, sustainability means several things to me. For one, it is an assessment of how you live each and every day and if you can continue to live that way. For example, only 0.7 percent of the world is drinkable fresh water, so if I notice that I am wasting tons of water around the house, be it while brushing my teeth or taking a shower, I need to think to myself “could I continue to do this without consequence?” The answer is “no” because there is only so much fresh water. Next, and this one may be more of a personal opinion, but sustainability to me means to break the normal view of the word itself. Normally when people think of sustainability they think of the world ending, animals dying, and all these horrible consequences that will come about by them not buying $50,000 worth of solar panels for their new home. As an environmental scientist, I think this is blasphemy.

Sustainability for me means to educate people about the facts and to encourage them to change their daily routine rather than starting with trying to change the whole world. For example, doing one less load of laundry a week,or taking one less shower. Build off that. The only thing you can do is try to better yourself through sustainable practices and help others around you to do the same.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I am EXTREMELY excited to be here and can’t wait to meet the rest of the team for the summer. I am sure you are some pretty cool cats and I cannot wait to see what the summer hold for us.