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We present you, Tumblr reader, Lauren! You may have seen her cycling around Ocean Beach, finishing up a yoga class with a smiling “namaste” or movin’ and groovin’ the food and bev scene in San Diego! Get to know this woman! 

Hello, sustainable family! Lauren Autenrieth (think “autumn-wreath”) here, the newest intern at The 1:1 Movement. A yoga instructor by day and a booze slinging barkeep by night, I was raised right here in beautiful Southern California by a family of loud, outspoken east coasters. I give them all the credit in the world for my unyielding (sometimes annoying) rants that accompany issues and ideas I am passionate about. Apparently hearing the pros of vegetarianism from a 15 year old at gradually increasing decibels don’t resonate with my “steak and potatoes” German family. Although my family and I don’t often see eye to eye on what’s important I would not have the gusto I do if it weren’t for their specific vernacular. At a young age I was in love with the earth. Immediately labeled a hippie freshman year, I gave up meat and loudly insisted everyone recycle and use less water (I would go several days without showering in protest much to the dismay of my mother). As far as influence on others goes- that was about as far as I got. Long skirts, body odor and fervor weren’t cutting it. I had the will, but not yet, the way.

I went to college, getting involved in various environmental and social student organizations, majored in forensic psychology (what? It was interesting), and became certified to teach yoga. After college, I became a full time bartender who taught yoga and seasonally snowboard instructed. I was a bit lost but consoled myself with the knowledge that I loved my daily life, my jobs, my mountain home. I was happy but something was missing. During my ten years on the east coast I took two weeks a year to come back to San Diego. I was drawn. I would wander the streets of Ocean Beach and imagine what life would be like if I just dropped everything and came back to my roots. Something was calling me home. Six months later I packed up my tiny Volkswagen Cabrio convertible and camped my way across the country until I landed in Ocean Beach.    

Fast forward to current day. I have been back in San Diego for almost three years now. I immediately immersed myself in the yoga and locally driven community. What I discovered was an astounding culture of environmentally conscious and forward thinking individuals who work daily to make America’s Finest City even finer. It was through this network I was introduced to The 1:1 Movement and in turn, Amanda Tatum. She asked if I would  teach a kids yoga class as part of an elementary school’s health and wellness day. I had taught several kids classes while living on the east coast and was thrilled to find an opportunity to do so after such a long absence from youth classes. That day, Amanda spoke about sustainability and I taught the short kids flow. Amanda was so flawless in her communication to such a young audience on issues generally so obscure to the young, environmental responsibility isn’t generally something a nine year old gets excited about. But they did get excited and I was inspired. I knew I needed to get more involved. This was it. My opportunity to blend my Jane-of-all-trade skills and my desire to do something meaningful.

Sustainability, for me, means using our natural resources, our everyday resources, whatever they may be, intelligently and carefully. Limiting the uses of chemicals to protect the source. It’s about buying less and buying better. Preserving and perpetuating the longevity of our precious planet for the present and the future. And now here I sit. Click-clacking my way across the keyboard hoping that the glow from my laptop will illuminate the path before me. What will you use to light your way to sustainability? Hopefully it’s a compact fluorescent bulb.