Week of weeks!

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And I can assure you there was nothing “weak” about our week. 

Last week was a wild one for the 1:1 team. It was our first week back in schools. San Diego Global Vision Academy (SDGVA) first where we spoke with second, third and fourth graders. Granite Hills High School was next where we heard from eleventh and twelfth graders. Last, but definitely not least, we had a last minute visit with seventh graders at Innovations Academy. 185 students within three days! We send out 185+ high fives to each student who participated in our presentation. A double high five to the teachers who invited us into their classrooms to jumpstart a conversation on conservation! If you are an educator in San Diego and would like to request our free services for your classroom, talk with us!

We heard some fantastic ideas and are looking forward to following up with each of these schools as they focus on upcoming endeavors for their schools and classrooms. Go green school plans, after-school 1:1 club, zero-waste lunch project just to name a few… 

The work week didn’t end on Friday at 5pm. It did include a quick venture to Blind Lady Ale House for Park(ing) Day 2012. Check out some of their pictures from the event!

Saturday evening, our 1:1 team cleaned up for the 4th Annual Classy Awards. 1:1 was a regional nominee for the Environmental Protection Classy Award. Though this year was not our year, we did join with hundreds of others to attend the nation’s largest nonprofit awards ceremony. Sixteen organizations were awarded this year and it was an evening full of inspiration. Good to be surrounded by doers- we may not-for-profit, but we are full of purpose. Stay classy, San Diego and beyond.

Running on that energy, Sunday morning came early! 1:1 packed our vehicle with tabling supplies and vinyl rolls to help with Encinitas Oktoberfest. With many weeks of planning, the 17th Annual Enicinitas Oktoberfest was a blast! We assisted in diverting recyclables from the landfill. The final pound count is TBA. Stay tuned to hear final count on our Facebook page!