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What? Can it be? Two Marias? In one week?! Yes. It’s true. We at 1:1 are fortunate that two international students are overachievers and want to volunteer with us in their free time! Get to know this Maria, too!!

Hi 1:1 friends! I’m Maria from Canary Islands, Spain. For all those who are wondering where they are… they are small islands next to Morocco, on the Atlantic Sea. I grew up in Lanzarote, a very little volcanic Island. Our major economic resource is the tourism so we have been working very hard to not destroy our land and keep it the best we can.

Since I was a child I have been very committed to the environment and the idea of how to preserve our natural resources.

The last year, I studied a Master’s Degree in Management and Creation of Active Tourism Organizations. Our projects in the program were very focused on the creation of sustainable organizations and promoting the local development, so the community could get involve with our projects.

I came to San Diego to improve my English, but also to learn and meet people from other cultures. I love travelling, especially, to small towns and not very touristy places so you can get close and learn more about it. I always avoid the typical pick on the main place.

San Diego is an awesome place for anyone! Lovely beaches, wonderful hikes, nice places to hang out or have a coffee and best of all, amazing people!

I love living in Pacific Beach. Everything is close, so you can walk anywhere! I started surfing a few months ago, so be careful if you see me on the water…  And I am really fan of Sushi Mondays!  #meatlessmondays

Thanks to EC San Diego for introducing me to Amanda and giving me the opportunity of be involved with 1:1. I am so excited to be part of it and I’m totally sure that is going to be a great experience.

I think they are doing a really good job spreading the idea of sustainability and also with the educational program: #AWAYproject.