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What if cities looked like this?



Today’s message comes from Yenny, a mover and shaker… who is also a high school student working to create a more sustainable San Diego. Read below to get to know her and her push to ban Styrofoam in SD!

My name is Yenny Zhang. I am a senior at Canyon Crest Academy and co-president of my school’s Ecoclub. I recently started a petition to ban polystyrene food containers in San Diego; this would forbid restaurants from using any type of polystyrene takeout containers, silverware, or cups.

I was driven to start this campaign when I first noticed a local frozen yogurt shop using polystyrene cups, despite the fact that most other frozen yogurt shops had already switched to paper. After trying to advise that shop to change their practices and seeing the inordinate amounts of Styrofoam on beaches, I realized that both were related. I did more research on polystyrene bans in various California cities and realized that it is necessary for San Diego to follow the same path to sustainability.

It was at the Green Students Youth Forum where I really began my campaign. I brought forth the issue in front of the various city council members who came to speak and was told to immediately “start a petition.” So… I proceeded. After getting over 400 signatures at my school with the help of Ecoclub, and over 2,000 online, I became really encouraged! Now, my goal is for San Diego City Council to make this issue a priority in their agenda and have them vote to make it the ban a law. 

Once a ban is in place, I hope that it will trigger a drastic reduction in Styrofoam waste on our beaches and in our waterways and that it will influence businesses owners and citizens to continue making environmentally-conscious choices.

Little changes can go a long way. It is our responsibility to be as conscious as possible and make the world a beautiful and healthy place for generations to come!

If you’d like to join Yenny in her crusade against crappy containers, sign her petition and/or shoot her an email: yennyszhang@gmail.com