Why give?

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We’re not going to give you a list of the 17 reasons why you should give… yet. Stay tuned, though!!

We here at 1to1 recently launched our biggest crowdfunding project. EVER. Well, at least in the history of our organization. To be completely honest, it’s pretty nerve racking. We’re putting ourselves out there for the masses. Small, private donor meetings don’t seem so scary anymore…

Which had us thinking- what is it about fundraising that makes most of us groan in agony? “Noooo, not development! Anything but asking for money!”

Well. We’re not groaning. We are shouting with excitement. THIS IS THE COOLEST PROJECT WE HAVE EVER SOUGHT OUT TO DO AND WE HAVE DONE SOME REALLY COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!! 

The power of nonprofits is founded in utilizing money for “good.” Our priority is the happiness of shareholders, just like any business. However, our shareholders are community members- educators, janitors, business owners, parents, financial analysts, farmers, policy makers, local government leaders, fellow nonprofit staffers, volunteers, scientists, students, retirees, restaurant managers, medical professionals… YOU! 

The tool we’re developing will help all of us find our “1” way to make a positive impact on our planet. Here’s a really awesome video about exactly how the tool will work. 

We’re reaching out for our shareholders’ help right now and for the entire month of April. Yes, that means YOU. Crowdfunding depends on participation of many. Every cent counts, every dollar counts. And we guarantee we will utilize every single one of those 100 pennies in YOUR dollar for change. Do you have a dollar to change the world? Rally with us.