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Woohoo! We are excited for Annie to be joining us as an environmental education intern as she finishes up her degree at UCSD! Get to know her!

Hi everybody, my name is Annie and I am thrilled to be interning at The 1to1 Movement during this coming school year! I am going into my fourth year at UC San Diego as an Environmental Systems major and loving my time in San Diego. Originally from Canada and the bay area in California, I am loving my time in beautiful temperate San Diego. When I am not busy studying, I am out and about discovering new things about San Diego and enjoying the great outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, and biking, I’m always looking forward to new discoveries and the next adventure.

I fell in love with the outdoors when I was a small kid playing outside all the time, doing everything from jumping in leaf piles, splashing in puddles, and building snowmen. From then on, I became increasingly interested in learning more about this giant playground of mine, the environment. Due to this I decided to major in Environmental Systems with the goal being to get more involved in environmental education. Connecting people to the environment and helping them figure out how they fit into the bigger picture is a passion of mine, one that I will be working on with The 1to1 Movement. I currently help connect people to the outdoors by guiding outdoor trips through UCSD’s outdoor program, Outback Adventures. I love helping people find a personal connection to the environment, discover how precious and important the environment around us is, and have a blast exploring a new place.

To me, sustainability ties into all aspects of our daily lives. Sustainability itself refers to the concept that we live in a world with finite amount of resources. Sustainability refers to being mindful of how many resources we use and implementing small changes to decrease our global impact. Everything from biking instead of driving to not using plastic straws to deciding to recycle  helps make a difference and the differences add up so that slowly but surely you are decreasing your impact. Sustainability also refers to conserving the environment around us so that others can continue to discover, enjoy, and explore the natural breath-taking beauty around us.

During my time at the 1to1 Movement and the rest of my time in San Diego, I’m looking forward to meeting inspiring people, gaining new knowledge and experiences, doing my part to make a positive difference, and of course, learning how to surf!