Our project is nearly at an end! On the last day, we’ll compare recycling items to trash items and reflect collectively on solutions.

Day 4

The week is slowly coming to an end and I feel like I’ve been carrying my AWAY bag for a lot longer than I have because of how full its getting. I’m looking forward to getting together with the rest of the team and going over what we’ve learned throughout the week and collaborating on how we can improve our actions. What has shocked me the most so far is how I had previously believed that I didn’t create a ton of waste. Granted, I produce less than the average American does daily, but I know I can do better than that. Today at lunch it was another granola bar wrapper and fruit snack pouch for me. I think I’ve been making slow progress over the week but after I review everything on Friday I think I’ll have a real conclusion. Later this night, I went out with my roommates for one of their 21st birthdays and I was happily surprised to notice that they never handed out plastic straws! For all the water and sodas, the only plastic straw I saw was in my roommates Moscow Mule, which is unusual of most restaurants! It was small changes like this that made me happy more people understand the implications of using so much disposable plastic. My dinner came with no trash for the evening, which was a relief. We’ll see how my last day of the AWAY project will pan out, we’re having a no-waste vegan potluck so it should end up better than earlier in the week for me.

I wanted to continue yesterday’s task to accumulate no trash. It was definitely a challenge for my mother went grocery shopping as well as got my incredibly fat and long living guinea pig more timothy hay and pellets meaning plastic bags and wrapping. However, by bringing reusable grocery bags and buying the food items in bulk I was able to avoid the problem…the trash. I am very pleased that in the past two days I was able to identify the waste items that I was producing the most and then minimize them.
Trash accumulated: none

Today I once again produced fairly little waste, though I did add another oatmeal packet and a sanitary wipes package to the mix. I decided to hold on to my plastic fork, since it is much lighter than silverware and totally reusable (at least until it breaks). I also decided to go shopping this evening, and as I was doing so, I tried not to think about all of the containers and packaging that I will have to throw away as a result. I was a little heartened when I realized I could just put all of my raw fruits and vegetables in my reusable shopping bag. I was a little worried that the checkout guy wouldn’t know how to handle that, but he didn’t even complain; in fact it took him very little time at all to get all my mangoes, peaches, corn, and avocados through the line. I also realized that some of the items I was buying might go bad if I bought them now, since I am after all only one person. I decided in favor of the tortillas and the checkout guy kindly offered to take my loaf of bread back.