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You’ll hear not just once, but TWICE today from Laurie. Below is her report from Thursday, Day 4 of the AWAY Project! 

Name & Grade
Laurie. Masters student in International Project Management!

How full is the bag?
25% full!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about The AWAY Project?

Share an impression of the day.
I’m very excited for Friday because honestly I’m taking too much room in the trolley!

What’s in my bag?
Thursday was a soft day compared to the 3 previous ones. I only added a paper towel I used for my lunch! Which made me realize I was actually consuming a lot of paper towels…

Have you noticed a change in what you consume to either have more or less trash in your bag?
Yes, I feel guilty now when I get big or even small packages! And the question is: how can I get rid of them? Sometimes you don’t have so many choices right? If you want to buy a cellphone (which is my case), how can I get a cellphone without all their packaging and plastic bags? And if you are suddenly craving for chocolate (which is constantly my case), are you trying to make your own chocolate? Or do you decide to shop at a chocolate store to get loose chocolate? Both ideas are actually great solutions but they also require either a long process (and good talent ‘cause let me tell you that making GOOD chocolate isn’t that easy) or are expensive!

For sure I’ll need to work on adopting a new trash routine but also new consumption habits!

P.S.: If anyone has a better idea for my chocolate issue, please let me know!  (I like dark chocolate –  85% cocoa)